Pandit Jaivir Kaushik

An Astrologer can tell you with Astrology all about your personality, your present, past & future. An Astrologer can predict through Astrology that what and when things will happen. An Astrologer can tell you when and how things will go in your favor by following easy astrological remedies. If you want to know more about your LIFE. For all your problems related to Marriage, Love Life, Compatibility, Health, Children, Career, Money Luck etc. Pt. Jaivir Kaushik have 12 year experience in Astrologer and Acharya.

We perform various Home and Community Hindu Religious Services for all the occasions like Marriages, Satya Narayana (Pooja), Greh Pravesh, Starting new office, Business, etc. .He specializes in offering customized pooja packages to individuals and corporates who do not have enough contacts or time to organize poojas themselves.